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Deadrising 4 Review

Deadrising 4 Review

Here AndyPGUK looks at Deadrising 4 and gives his first impressions. Deadrising 4 Review YouTube Network ●PGUK Network: Sponsors ●Hauppauge:
T9 Plus Single Hand Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

T9 Plus Single Hand…

Here DannyPGUK looks at the new Delux T9 Plus Gaming Keyboard. This single handed mechanical gaming keyboard by allreli…

The Worst Teammate EVER…

Haha check out this troll on Battlefield with this worst teammate ever video 😀
Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay…

Watch classic Battlefield gameplay and see how thrilling horse charges, battle tanks and armored trains are at the dawn…
GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Remake With Modern Graphics

GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Remake…

So GoldenEye 007 gets an unnoficial remake. GoldenEye Source is a free online multiplayer arena first-person shooter that aims to provide a…
Spotify Gaming Music

Spotify Gaming Category Now…

So Spotify gaming category is now live, this new category includes curated playlist as well as song used in…

Michael Phelps with 80s…

Haha Michael Phelps with 80s #Nintendo sounds! #Rio2016 #PhelpsFace 

Hardest Mario Maker Stage…

Wow this person has skills. This has to be one of the hardest Mario Maker levels ever.  
African Drug Lord TERRIFIES people on Black Ops – EP3

African Drug Lord TERRIFIES…

Haha check out this African Drug Lord terrifying people on Black Ops.
Sound Blaster X Pro Gaming H5 Headset Review and Soundcard

Sound Blaster X Pro…

So DannyPGUK has a look at the new Sound BlasterX H5 Pro Gaming headset and also the Sound BlasterX…
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