Crackdown 3 is a Total Wreck

By total wreck we mean you can totally wreck anything and everything. Crackdown 3 is taking full advantage of Microsoft’s cloud.In the demo at games com you can see the the extent to the destruction that is possible in the multiplayer side of the game. Entire buildings being destroyed and destroying everything it hits on the way down.
“We really wanted to do something [with the multiplayer] that was very much within the heart of what Crackdown is,”Dave Jones, Crackdown 3 creative director and Reagent Games founder told Ars Technica. “It’s a very physical game with you being able to go into the world and pick up every trash can, rip stuff out of the street, tear car doors off and use it as a shield, or even pick the whole car up. It was all about physicality, so we really wanted to bring that physicality to the online [multiplayer] space.”
Hopefully Crackdown 3 is going to pave the way for cloud assisted games on the Xbox One. By utilising the cloud they are essentially giving the console more power and the possibilities are yet to be seen.


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